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One disadvantage to living in New York is its overwhelming excess of “new American plays.” How do you know which ones are worth seeing and which ones are merely “new”? But in order for a small theater company in Miami to produce a contemporary play, it must be certain the work is very good. Everything Will Be Different: A Brief History of Helen of Troy was developed in New York but has defiantly continued to pop up in theaters all over the country and overseas, each time to glowing reviews. Tonight the Mad Cat Theatre’s version hits the stage at the Light Box.

Playwright Mark Shultz began with two inspirations: Trojan Women by Euripides and a quote from Rilke: “Beauty is the beginning of terror.” He ended up with Charlotte, a teenage girl seeking redemption through sex. Her story skirts the myth of beauty in search of its very real and very human component and begs the question: Why do we destroy ourselves for love? Ask yourself at the special opening-night reception at 8:00. Eat, drink, and be merry with the cast for $40. For information, call the Miami Light Project at 305-576-4350. The play will run until August 27, and general admission is $25.
Aug. 3-27


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