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Puppeted from Above

The marionette epic Cavaletti’s Dream was commissioned a decade ago by North Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Havana-born artist Pablo Cano’s vision of an 18th-century knight’s quest for immortality used a cast of marionettes and rod puppets made from discarded materials (a broken umbrella, tin cans, an ice-cream scoop, etc.) found on Miami’s city streets. Cano proved modest means can achieve ethereal heights by tackling heady themes such as death, predestination, and the afterlife while also exploring topics including Italian chivalry and Greek mythology.

Now Cano’s signature production returns to MOCA for a 10th-anniversary revival. Beginning this Sunday at 2 p.m., and continuing through November 8, the updated Cavaletti’s Dream will feature many of the original marionettes and puppets — including Pegasus, Pallas Athena, and the evil Cyclops — as well as newly created pieces. Tickets cost $15 for nonmembers, $10 for MOCA members, and $3 for children younger than 12.
Oct. 18-Nov. 8, 2 p.m., 2009


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