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Punch-Drunk Love on Ice

Maybe it’s the challenge of testing yourself against the best, or perhaps simply the thrill of the unexpected, but humans take a fundamental sort of pleasure in beating people at their own game. And hockey is, without a doubt, Canada’s game. If you’ve ever set foot in that sub-Arctic land, you’ve seen how hockey is something between a national obsession and a way of life. So if any contest can liven up what has been a disappointing season for the Florida Panthers, it’s tonight’s matchup with the Montreal Canadiens. Come out and see the Cats test themselves against the pride of hockey’s icy French heartland. Get caught up in the passion of an unlikely victory. Understand the sport as a test of our collective spirit in confronting an opponent who eats, breathes, and sweats hockey. Or just get drunk and watch Finnish dudes punch each other in the face. Whatever.
Fri., Dec. 29, 7:30 p.m.


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