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Pump It, Hotties

Admit it: You take every opportunity to show off your rock-hard abs to your friends. “Go ahead; punch it!” you tell them as they shake their heads and beg you to put your shirt down. But today you can show off and possibly win a prize at the FAME Tropical Fitness Model Search. Beginning at 10:00 a.m., the Tina Hills Pavilion at Bayfront Park will become a sea of muscled men and lithe ladies competing to be featured in FAME Fitness & Lifestyle Magazine. But you don’t have to be puffed up like Arnold Schwarzenegger to win. “This is for people who have a fitness lifestyle,” says Brev Sullivan, event promoter. “This is designed to bring in the average, everyday fitness people.” In addition to a “Bikini & Boxers” contest and “40-licious” fitness model search -- “for those who are 40 and hot!” adds Sullivan -- you can compete for Best Abs or Best Arms, or enter a bench-press competition ($15 advance registration). Tickets cost $25, $35 for VIP (which includes a gift bag). Call 305-992-6355, or visit
Sat., May 13


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