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Prepare to Be Scared

When it comes to movie buffs, gore-and-ghoul types are perhaps the most disenchanted of all. The gripping fear these freaky flick-lovers felt the first time they saw Halloween or Hellraiser was a thrilling delight. But alas, those jumping jitters have faded with age. The string of disappointments released in the past decade haven’t helped, either (ahem, The Grudge and The Devil’s Rejects). If you’re in search of horror movies that still haven’t lost their edge, head to the Upper Eastside Garden for Janus Film Night. A series of horror flicks kicks off tonight at 8:30 with a screening of Kwaidan, a 1964 Japanese movie directed by Masaki Kobayashi.

The film comprises four tales based on Japanese folklore. And in a refreshing deviation from horror traditions, Kwaidan’s fear factor relies on escalating suspense and twisted endings rather than cheap scares and blood. If that doesn’t spook you, at least you can admire the flick’s artfully shot scenes with vivid colors and dreamlike backdrops. Admission is seven dollars and includes popcorn and a drink. The month of devilish horror includes screenings of The Devil and Daniel Webster, Haksan, and Jigoku, and ends November 1.
Oct. 11-Nov. 1, 2007


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