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Praise Ye Jah

The burdensome workweek and nonstop barrage of pretentious arty parties got you down? Need a respite from the typical watering holes? We’ve got a suggestion. It’s all about Reggae Wednesdays at The Office, where DJ Firewood boldly promises “the best reggae this side of Kingston.”

DJ Firewood starts chopping it up at 9 p.m., and he’s known for delivering old-school grooves and dub classics. Besides the sweet, bass-heavy sounds of reggae, there are other ways to hurdle that midweek hump: How about three-dollar deals on Red Stripe, for starters? Feel free to get your slow grind on, hustle a game or two at the pool table, or fire up a round of foosball. Of course, admission is free.
Wednesdays, 2007


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