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Praise the Plantain

According to Chiquita, bananas are quite possibly the world’s most perfect food. The banana’s thicker-skinned brother, the plantain, is arguably the world’s most versatile. Ripe ones fried with sugar are known as amarillos or maduros. When fried green and pounded flat into disks, they are called tostones and are often served stuffed with shrimp or covered with spicy meat. Mashed and mixed with garlic and pork, they compose the dish mofongo, a favorite in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Adventuresome gastronomes can sample these and many other delights at the Sixth Puerto Rican Plantain Festival. Bailar to the imported sounds of Michael and Lorraine Torres, and watch a special tribute to Tony Croatto, performed by Haciendo Punto en Otro Son. Enjoy music, art, and delicious fun today.
Sun., Jan. 15, noon


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