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Pop, Lock, and Rock

It's tough to be under 21 in Miami and have fun if you're not a fake ID-slinging club rat. What are your options? Go to the movies? Drive around the Grove? Sit in a park? Luckily, the hip hop community in Miami is starting to do something about that by hosting a monthly, all-ages event at PS14 called Back 2 Basics.

Here's the deal. Local celebrity DJ's and artists like DrasticX, Salami Fingers, and DJ Sharpsound will provide music all day, while other volunteers conduct chess classes, domino and card games, open mic sessions, and b-boy circles. Someone's also manning the grill so you shorty's don't get hungry. If you're over 21, there's room for you, too. Want to test your skills against Miami's upcoming breakers and emcee's? Good luck.
Sun., May 3, 1-8 p.m., 2009


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