Pop Go the Wiggles, ’Cause the Wiggles Go Pop

It’s easy to be hip and happening when you’re young and single, and even when you’re older and settled down. Some losers might think you’re a little less hip if go for the whole traditional marriage thing. But if your homies question your coolness now that you have kids, ask them: Am I expected to diminish my swagger just because I’m carrying a diaper bag? We don’t think so. We say put on your freshest kicks, pop your collar, celebrate your cool, and make the little ones happy when you go see Pop Goes the Wiggles at the American Airlines Arena. Yeah, we said cool and the Wiggles in the same sentence. For four years straight, they’ve been named Australia’s highest-grossing entertainers. Eat that, Russell Crowe!

The four-man band gets mad love from kids and parents alike. The youngsters love the songs and nursery rhymes, and happenin’ parents dig that the Wiggles are goodwill ambassadors for UNICEF. And everyone loves the Big Red Car. We pity the fool who doesn’t. You can catch the early show at 1:30 p.m. or the late show at 5. Tickets range from $18 to $38; the $38 tickets get you a “Hot Potato Seat,” which means you score the kids a Wiggles giveaway. Cool. Visit www.thewiggles.com.
Sun., Nov. 23, 2008


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