Poodles, Tigers, and Celebrities, Oh My

When you arrive at Galerie Adler Bertin-Toublanc this Saturday for Tigertail’s Art with Edge Party, you’ll be greeted by free valet parking and a live jug band organized by artist Clifton Childree, whom you might have seen in the March 9 issue of the New York Times. Celebrity doorpersons Merle Weiss and Harvey Burstein will escort you inside the stately, French-owned gallery while whispering juicy gossip in your ear, and then, yes, that is the world’s largest pink poodle, and yes, it’s wearing a saddle for a reason. The money Gary Farmer is handing you — with a poodle theme designed by Chris Meesey — is to be used to bid on one of the many works of art in the “not so silent” auction led by Jonathan Gans. Champagne? Why not? It goes well with the guerrilla theater of Octavio Campos, the one-man band of Jesse Jackson, the saw-playing of Subtropics’ Gustavo Matamoros, the song selection of DJ Mayer, and the dancing of Heather Maloney. And when the night finally ends, punctuated by an opera aria by Amy Alvarado, the stories will leak out of the building and the whole thing will be just a myth. All of that couldn’t really have happened, could it?
Sat., May 16, 8-11 p.m., 2009


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