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Polka-Dot Bikini Optional

Legendary photog Spencer Tunick made waves two years ago when he took over the Sagamore Hotel and filled it with more than 800 nude South Beachers. The birthday suit photo shoot was a clear indication that strippers aren’t the only ones who like to walk around naked. Many models disrobed as soon as they stepped onto the set. This Saturday’s Cosmopolitan magazine Bikini Bash is a bit more modest, because bathing suits are required for you to participate in the huge C-O-S-M-O collage made of bodies. Check-in begins at 11 a.m., and promptly at noon, the camera will hover from up above as you lie on the sands of Nikki Beach (1 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach) along with other females who worship the fashion-and-beauty mag. After getting your pinup girl on, grab a gift bag, get a massage, and have a hunky guy rub sunscreen where the sun does shine. The shot will appear in the August issue, and although Tunick’s work was shown at Art Basel, you’ll be in Cosmo doing something other than telling the story of that time you overdid it with the Nair. For more info and to register, visit
Sat., March 14, 2009


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