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Poetry, Meet Therapy

For its December production of one-act plays, Miami’s new kid on the beachside block — the hardworking Collins Avenue hot spot Storycrafter Studio — is transporting audiences to a Noh man’s land before settling them into more familiar and modern territory. The first of the two plays, Music of Broken Water, is a poetry/dance/theater hybrid written by Storycrafter founder Cynthia Joyce Clay and inspired by Noh, the traditional Japanese theater form that’s heavy on masks and mystery. Kings and gods, guilt and murder, divine objects and vengeful ghosts constitute the operatic story. It will be followed by Guillermo Ramon’s Requiem, a thriller about a disoriented woman whose visit to a psychologist, though initially beneficial, yields dark and surprising results. Vastly different in tone, the pieces make sense paired together, according to Clay: “Both plays are concerned with guilt and redemption. They form a counterpoint to each other, one highly stylized and poetic, the other in biting realism. Both are being performed in the round to give that sense of the world being all around the characters — listening, watching, judging.”
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Dec. 19. Continues through Dec. 28, 2013


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