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Poetic Justice

In the 17th Century, haiku master Matsuo Basho wandered across feudal Japan in search of inspiration, writing directly from firsthand experience with the swiftness of a sword slicing a melon in two. In the 21st Century, master of nothing Alex Fumero wandered across modern Hialeah in search of inspiration, typing haiku into his phone with the swiftness of middle fingers popping up on the Palmetto Expressway.

Literary historians can only guess what Basho would have to say about Fumero’s book, Hialeah Haiku, from which he will read at Books & Books this Friday evening at 8. Would he scoff at its satirical nature? Or would he take the time to stroll along the edge of one of Hialeah’s congested streets, remarking, “Honda Civic, why/do you wish to be more than/a Honda Civic?”
Fri., Aug. 21, 8 p.m., 2009


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