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Who wants to pay 10 bucks to see Steve Martin’s Underpants? We do! And South Florida will get the chance starting tonight, when Martin’s Broadway hit takes the stage at FIU’s Mary Anne Wolfe Theatre.

Martin based the play on the early-1900s German work Die Hose, about a woman who accidentally (and innocently) loses her bloomers while she’s watching a parade. Fret not, prudes — no one sees any bits of her vajayjay; she’s still wearing a dress. But the gaffe makes the male townsfolk want to get a piece of what she's got goin’ on. The German government banned the play, based on moral grounds — no surprise there — but it was so wickedly funny that Martin brought it back to life with this version in English. It's still set in the early 20th Century, and the panties in question are still bloomers, so don't expect a Victoria's Secret parade onstage. What the show lacks in skin it compensates for with wit and wicked humor. Remember, this is Steve Martin we're talking about. Wait, did you think we were talking about Steve Martin's actual, worn-around-his-bum underpants? How lewd. You should be ashamed. To purchase tickets or request information, call 305-348-3789 or visit The play runs through April 13.
April 10-13, 2008


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