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Pinstripes and Congas

O 1997! Year of the Ox, the summer of fen-phen, McLibel, and a little techno-salsa ditty called “I Like It Like That.” The song was repeatedly blasted across the capacity crowds at what was then Pro Player Stadium as the teal-hatted Florida Marlins, led by a chunky rookie pitcher named Livan Hernandez, shocked the National League and stole the World Series out from under the hatchets of the overconfident Cleveland Indians.

Two thousand nine marks the return of the Year of the Ox (if not, unfortunately, of Marlins’ World Series glory), as well as the salsa smash “I Like It Like That.” Loria and Company are replaying 1997 as they invite singer Tito Nieves to headline the Marlins post-game Super Saturday concert. And in a dream pairing for Puerto Ricans everywhere, Nieves’ performance will be preceded by Jorge Posada’s New York Yankees, who are in town for an interleague vacation from the American League East.
Sat., June 20, 7:10 p.m., 2009


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