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Pimpin Ain’t Easy

Did you know that laughing burns like 10 calories an hour? We’re happy to know that there’s a way you can burn calories while sitting on your rear. This can’t be a sitcom giggle or a couple of movie chuckles, though — it has to be nonstop, hold-your-sides howling. And this week’s location for your weekly giggle-aerobics is the James L. Knight Center. Your instructor is Katt Williams. Well, he won’t be instructing you so much as giving you reason to release your chuckles naturally. And if you don’t know who Katt Williams is, let us school you.

He’s been doing standup comedy since he was a teen, but everybody knows him as “Money Mike” after he played the pimpish character with the best one-liners in Friday After Next. He found a special place in our hearts when he said, “Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin’ in it.” By the way, that’s a good mantra for when you’re trying to avoid a breakdown at work. And his version of “Jingle Bells,” where he says, “crunching on your balls in a one-horsed open sleigh,” forever changed the way we looked at Christmas carols with the fam. We thank you for that, Katt.
Thu., May 17, 8 p.m.


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