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Photos from Far and High

In the photography by friends Jacqueline Carini and Eyjólfur Már Thoroddsen (better known as AO), images cling to the familiar as if odes to real scenes and remembered places conjured in the melancholy of tone and mood. The work of Carini -- an award-winning photojournalist and freelance contributor to the New Times -- spans from air to sea, featuring colorful landscapes from her native Italy, portraits of people she has encountered since moving to Florida in 2001, and eye-catching compositions of the Air & Sea Show. “Airplanes have been a passion of mine since I was a child,” she gushes, referring to several spectacular shots of streaking jets on exhibit in her debut show.

AO conveys the nature and inner heart of Iceland in a black-and-white suite of enigmatic, breathtaking photos. In his first solo show, these snapshots of his birthplace transport the viewer to peaceful rural scenes of cinematic beauty.

Catch Carini’s “Elemental” and AO’s “Simple Life in Iceland” at Galleria Teatro through May 26.
May 18-26


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