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Pet Goat?

The most boldfaced name attending the book fair is an author so devoted to literature that he didn't stop reading the children's book The Pet Goat even as the Twin Towers fell. We got our hands on an early draft of George W. Bush's Decision Points — and we must say, this memoir was a lot more interesting pre-editing. Here's what Dubya's ghostwriter left on the cutting-room floor: • A combined 28 pages of transcribed nervous chuckles — heh-heh, heh-heh — and 12 pages of macaroni art. • "I had the greatest respect for Dick Cheney, but we did differ on some policy points. Like when he started murdering his gardeners." • "Wearing only a cowboy hat and a presidential belt buckle, I ran my hand up Laura's navy blue skirt. Her eyes glowed red with longing, and she bared her metallic teeth. Then I felt Condi's pincer grasp on the back of my neck, and I gave in to pleasure." • "I had thought Iraq and Iran were different names for the same place, like Missouri and Mizzou." • "I didn't fire Donald Rumsfeld because of political pressure; I fired him because he wouldn't stop wearing a dress."
Sun., Nov. 14, 4 p.m., 2010


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