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Peepshow Surprise

When you step into a booth at a sex shop, you expect to be titillated by tits, amazed by ass, and sucked eyes-first into a steamy world of sex until the timer has shot its load, so to speak. But visitors to South Beach’s Pleasure Emporium can expect their two minutes of ecstasy to take a turn for the creative. Luis Alonzo’s “Love” exhibition will be taking over from the usual smutty screenings, offering fresh insight into our deepest longing via video art made by an array of international artists.

Alonzo’s vision is all about the contrast between romantic ideals and profane imagery, and exploring new windows of artistic opportunity. If those windows happen to be a little sticky, that’s just additional stimulation for inspired minds. Pay a buck for two minutes, and you’ll find yourself gazing at brightly colored childlike creations by South African artist Cameron Platter, the animated visions of Swedish artist Ewa Einhorn, or the butterfly fantasies of Miami’s Daniel Newman. You can see the exhibit anytime – the Emporium is open around the clock -- through January 5, and there’ll be a big reception December 15. Visit if you need additional visual stimulation.
Dec. 10-Jan. 5, 2007


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