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Pee Before Going In

You live in Miami, where there is never a shortage of pliant adulterers wading in your swimming pool or, failing that, at least a friendly manatee or two paddling by. So when you hear about a foreign-language film called The Pool, it’s understandable that you would tune out. “Mon dieu,” you moan. “Not another movie about ze sexy French people having affairs in ze deep end. If I wanted to see that, I would take — how you say? — le selfie.” But that, our canard-faced friend, is where you’re wrong. We forgive you, mostly because you are sexy and French, but you’re still wrong. In this case, the latest entry in the Aventura Foreign Film Series is Chris Smith’s The Pool, a quiet but uplifting drama about a poor boy in Goa who explores the world of the rich by taking a job caring for a private swimming pool. It will screen at 7 p.m. this Tuesday at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center (3385 NE 188th St., Aventura). The film is in Hindi and is unrated, which usually means tons of penetration and profanity, though our no-spoilers policy prevents us from confirming if that is the case here. Actually, it’s a very sweet film of a delicate grace that is all too uncommon these days. Fans of Smith’s bizarre documentaries might find this flick a little surprising. In The Yes Men, the titular anti-globalism pranksters sell corporate bosses on productivity-enhancing gold lamé suits with massive inflatable boners. American Movie follows a lanky Wisconsin filmmaker and his drug-fried musician buddy as they try to make a low-budget short horror film. But Smith has a knack for finding human stories in strange subject matters. There’s really nothing so strange about a desire to be a part of something onto which we confer value. That’s what American Movie is about too. And while the inflatable golden dongs would make excellent pool toys, The Yes Men is about finding a voice of sanity in a vertiginous world of consumption. There’s something of that in The Pool. It’s a great, rarely screened flick. Pee before going in because you won’t want to miss a moment.
Tue., Jan. 14, 7 p.m., 2014


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