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Patron Saint o’ NASCAR

If you holler “Long live Dale Earnhardt” in a crowded Wal-Mart, you’re likely to hear a hearty cheer rise up from the crowd. Say what you like about NASCAR fans: The sport is huge, and Dale’s laundry list of wins, and then his tragic 2001 death on the track, makes him a god in those circles. Johnny Cash may have been the “Man in Black,” but to NASCAR fans, Dale was the man in black and red with the robust mustache.

To get the full story on the driver of the number three car -- or if you just plain don’t know who the hell we’re talking about -- check out Dale, the authorized documentary about Earnhardt, coming to more than ten South Florida theaters today. The film -- narrated by longtime fan Paul Newman -- uses race day footage, home videos, and a plethora of interviews with friends, family, fellow racers, and fans to show just why Dale Sr. meant so much in the universe of southern accents, burning fuel, and scorched rubber. For tickets and a full list of theater locations and times, visit
Tue., Feb. 20, 7 p.m.


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