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Party Yourself Healthy

Inside Grand Central nightclub, the lights are dim and the music is pulsing. On the dance floor, beat freaks jump, bounce, and flail to the rhythms of a live DJ. In the corners of the room, onlookers belly up to the bar and sip their drinks. Every so often, the music swells and the dancers go wild in a burst of energy that leaves them sweaty, throbbing, and spent. But this isn’t a typical 2 a.m. club night. Outside the doors of the club, the sun is just beginning to set. And these dancers aren’t wasted; they’re high on endorphins. Welcome to LazerFitness, an exercise program that turns dance floors into temporary workout zones, due to launch in Miami this week. Created by Fort Lauderdale resident Scott Liebman, LazerFitness aims to give participants all the perks of a night at the club paired with the health benefits of hitting the gym. If you, like Liebman, have ever woken up with sore muscles after a particularly crazy night on the dance floor, you know that clubbing can be a straight-up workout. LazerFitness delivers an intense, fun nightclub experience without the unhealthful drawbacks of partying into the afterhours. The program will take over Grand Central in the early evening, offering wannabe-buff clubbers an alternative to happy hour rather than a long night out at Mansion. And those drinks being served at the bar? They’re booze-free smoothies, shakes, and sports drinks. But will the club scene seem as appealing without party drugs and the possibility of a drunken hookup at the end of the night? You can find out this Tuesday, from 6 to 9 p.m., when the program launches with a special VIP event at Grand Central (697 N. Miami Ave., Miami). RSVP is required to attend. Classes will be open to the general public beginning in October.
Tue., Sept. 17, 6-9 p.m., 2013


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