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Party Like It’s 1993

There once was a time when the biggest rivalry in the NFL was the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. It was intense to be sure. Dolphins linebacker Brian Cox once famously walked into Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson Stadium while giving the finger to Bills fans as they hurled boos and other objects at him. The battles between Hall of Fame quarterbacks Dan Marino and Jim Kelly are legendary. And both teams were the pride of the AFC. This was all in the Nineties, when you couldn’t buy a plaid shirt for less than $45 and could watch brand-new episodes of Seinfeld every week.

Since then, it’s been a craptastic downhill slide for both franchises. While the Patriots rose to the top and won three Super Bowls, the Bills and Fins have wallowed in mediocrity. But this season — with the Pats in a downward spiral, a revamped Bills team, and the resurgent Bill Parcells-led Dolphins — the old rivalry is suddenly reborn. And once again, Buffalo and Miami have a real shot at winning the AFC East. The Bills come to town Sunday with a young, stout defense to face a Fins team that features Ronnie Brown and the nearly unstoppable Wildcat formation. And for the first time in a long time, a Bills-Dolphins game actually will mean something. And who knows, maybe one of the players will give us the finger! The showdown begins at 1 p.m. at Dolphin Stadium. Tickets range from $41 to $700. Visit to purchase tickets.
Sun., Oct. 26, 2008


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