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Party Like It's 1989

If you want to feel like a virgin, venture to the Rooftop Lounge at the Townhouse Hotel on a Friday night. (Of course we are referring to the Madonna song, not your prom night, silly.) Beginning at 8:00, the DJ drops ’80s and retro hits while partygoers lounge on beds and buzz around the bar. Get there before 10:00 to enjoy two-for-one drinks as nostalgic revelers tell you what they like about you (you hold them tight). As the other revelers do their thing in the confines of a dark, smoky room, the lucky roof-top bunch stops the world and melts with their honeys while overlooking the bustling streets of La Playa from the fourth-floor patio. Just like the fresh air and cool breeze you will enjoy, admission is free. Call 305-776-2606, or visit
Fridays, 2006


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