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Pampered for Pennies

The constant crick in your neck, the way the color of your toenails has begun to blend in with your skin, and the layer of ashen dermis on your face — all are signs it’s time to give your body a little attention. Unfortunately your job doesn’t pay you enough to indulge in ooh-la-las. But from today through Sunday, April 20, you can live the life of a girl with too much disposable income while celebrating Spa Week.

The $140 price tag on a Relax Me Massage at the Hotel Victor’s Spa V might have intimidated you in the past, but now you can walk into the chic space and get the same amazing rubdown for just 50 bucks. And the microdermabrasion treatment you’ve been pining for? It costs only 50 bones at the Honeydoo Salon and Spa (1460 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-695-1555). You get the drift: Spas all over the city are giving you a break — just $50 for tons of services. Sign up at for a complete list of participating locations.
April 14-20, 2008


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