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Don’t confuse “I Still Love My Box” with a hymn to the lost hymen or a tale of a vaginoplasty gone sour. It’s the moniker for the funky exhibit and performance unfolding tonight at 7:00 at Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, featuring the work of Paris-based Ruddy Candillon and La-La Land’s Peter Smuts. The artists have been invited to get wild and loose inside containers located in the gallery’s parking lot. They plan to seduce the public with their edgy high jinks. Candillon is exhibiting hyperfictive, dreamlike photography that promises to titillate the optic nerve. He hopes to capture the audience’s energy during a performance organizers call a “tribal dance that intoxicates.” The Human Pixel Project, Smuts’s opus, consists of aggregate compositions culled from more than 1500 two-by-two-inch works he collected from other artists, whose contributions are the palette for his oeuvre.

Down yonder at Edge Zones (2214 N. Miami Ave., Miami), the cavalcade of talent continues with “Come One, Come All, to the Wild, Wild, Wynwood Traveling Art Showcase,” featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, and performances by more than 25 locals. Yee-haw! Call 305-303-8852, or visit
Feb. 10-20


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