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Out to Pasture

When we first saw that the hated New York Jets were the Miami Dolphins’ final regular-season opponent, we were hoping it would be an epic showdown to determine the winner of the AFC East or, at the very least, determine the final Wildcard playoff spot. But because the Dolphins have yet again turned in a monumentally shitty season, there’s no hope of either of those things coming to fruition when they host the Jets and their troglodyte fans Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. The Jets, for their part, have been a mess as well. And thanks to some really middling and mediocre play, New York is on the verge of missing the playoffs after two straight seasons of AFC Championship game appearances, making this a must-win for them. So even though the Dolphins aren’t making the postseason, there’s no reason we shouldn’t beat their playoff hopes to death with a sack of batteries. If the lone bright spot of the 2011 season is killing the Jets, it’ll totally be worth it.
Sun., Jan. 1, 1 p.m., 2012


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