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Other Clubs Just Give Us Lemons

“We’re all having a good time” is repeated over and over as Lemonade’s track “Blissout” fades out. but there’s no need to state the obvious. The trio’s post-punk, dance-frenzy sound reaches a fever pitch on almost every track, so a sweaty, manic, good time is already preordained. Straight off a tour with El Guincho, Brooklyn’s Lemonade is set to perform at 10 p.m. this Friday at The Vagabond, joined by fellow avant-electro Brooklyn band Heart of Darkness. Don’t miss out — the snarky Pitchfork awarded Lemonade’s debut an 8.3 on its scale of audible hipness.

The Vag and Sweat Records cook up Fridays at The Vagabond, the weekly electro/indie dance party that is heralded as one of 305’s few hipster havens. Queue up this Friday the 13th and exorcise the demons of another mundane workweek. Make it to the front of the line before midnight and you can skirt the five-dollar cover. Stella and the inevitable PBR are only a dollar while supplies last. House DJs, including Sweat’s lovely Lolo, will dish out Brit-pop, indie, and electro until the devilish hour of 5 a.m.
Fridays, 2009


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