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Emeril the Great says, “It’s like Spring Break for chefs.” Hmmm. Fun in the sun, tequila shots (poured into margarita cheesecake), and the removal of tops (of jars of mayonnaise, milk cartons, and so on). Yeah, we can see the similarities between the sixth annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the debauchery that takes place every year in Cabo, Cancun, and Panama City. But one major difference will be the lack of hyped-up MTV VJs. In their place, the culinary personalities from the Food Network will be bubbling all over the place. Rachael Ray will no doubt be worshipping the gods of “EVOO” (the term she coined for Extra Virgin Olive Oil) at the meaty Amstel Light Burger Bash on Thursday. The pixie like Giada de Laurentiis will hold court at the Kellogg’s Kidz Kitchen on Sunday. Alton Brown will muse about the gastronomical effects of pastelitos on our stomachs during a presentation on Sunday at the festival’s Publix Grand Tasting Village.

Today you can learn how to “Taste Wine Like a Master Sommelier” at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tickets cost $100. This four-day extravaganza of fine wines and gourmet foods attracts thousands each year to locations all over the city, so make sure you’re not left hungry this weekend. Visit for a complete listing of events, prices, and locations.
Feb. 22-25


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