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Open Mike 101

Each and every Monday for the past four years and three months, the Miami Pipeline has been a place for the be’s and the wannabes of the music business to mingle and jam. Acting as a music-loving Dr. Frankenstein, Miami legend DJ Bass and his wife, Angela Bowen, created Miami Mic Mondays -- a place where artists like Trick Daddy, Pretty Ricky, Joe Blow, and Jane Doe come to perform, learn about the music biz, and meet influential people.

“It’s not just a regular open-mike night; it’s a school type of thing,” says Bowen. “We teach them the actual business, copyrighting, press kits, how to get on Internet radio.” And after you’ve gotten schooled properly, you can sign up to show a roomful of folks your mike skills, because week after week, the audience is packed with music execs, lyrics-lovers, fellow artists, and anyone else you can imagine. Artists pay a $10 donation, but it’s free to watch. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.
Mondays, 2007


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