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Only Time Will Tell

Think back on your life. What if one moment, one detail, had been drastically different? Would your life be different today? That is why we love movies like Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day, and Kill Bill; they take us on nonlinear journeys without all of the mess. One of the genre’s best is Run Lola Run, a 1998 flick set in Berlin. Lola is given twenty minutes to deliver 100,000 marks to her boyfriend (he owes the money to his shady boss), or he will be killed. Director Tom Tykwer takes the viewer through three different, twenty-minute time spans, all with radically different outcomes. And Lola sports the best Kool-Aid red hair. The movie is part of the Bass Museum’s current exhibition, “Constructing New Berlin,” a look at art in post-Wall Berlin. Upcoming movies include Wings of Desire (December 17) and Good Bye Lenin! (January 21). The exhibit runs through January 21. Catch Run Lola Run today at 3:00 p.m. Admission is eight dollars. Call 305-673-7530, or visit
Sun., Nov. 19


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