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It's really no surprise that the recently released album, If Not Now, When?, proves to be the band's most ballsy growth spurt yet. Of course, the outfit makes no apologies for this newest change of direction. On the contrary, as drummer Jose Pasillas recently told Crossfade, Incubus is simply intent on being real. Crossfade: Your new album, If Not Now, When?, is very different from anything Incubus has done before. How'd you guys get there? I think it was just the album that was ready to be written. We never sit down and conceptualize where we want to go. It was just sort of the music that was coming forth. It was just the next step in our evolution, with this more elegant, moody sort of record. I think it was just time for us to write this record. And without much thought, it just sort of came out. You've always tried new things and not banked on previous successes. But it involves a leap of faith, doesn't it? Yeah. I mean there's always sort of a risk involved when doing that. But we've never really written music in the way some bands may have, where they see what works, what's successful, and emulate that sort of system, I guess. We just follow our hearts and hope that our fans will follow us. And some do, and some don't. Read the rest of the Incubus interview on Crossfade
Tue., Sept. 20, 8 p.m., 2011


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