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Once Undefeated

Good luck finding two football teams with more misplaced arrogance than the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, once America's team, wear a big star on their helmets as if to say Texas Stadium is the 51st state. But they've been an afterthought for the past 15 years. No matter how much money owner Jerry Jones spends on players or the most expensive stadium ever built, his teams have had only one playoff victory since 1997. But the putrid Dolphins make them look like world champs (at least the cow folk won it all in 1996). And before you yearn for yesteryear, when Dan Marino passed the ball from goal to goal, remember that Dan the Man played for 17 years and never won a Super Bowl. Not since 1972, when the Fins were undefeated, have they gone all the way. We're coming up fast on the 40th anniversary, people. We'd like to tell you it'll all change this year -- for both, or either. But the teams have major questions that need answering, beginning with Dolphins QB Chad Henne. He has shown signs of life in the preseason, but let's be real -- he's barely a starting quarterback in the pros. The Cowboys, on the other hand, have a top-tier signal-caller in Tony Romo, but their defense has bigger holes than the roof in the old Texas Stadium (you know, so God could see them play). Don't bet on this one being a Super Bowl preview, but at least you can reminisce like the Boss about glory days when the teams line up against one another Friday at Sun Life Stadium.
Thu., Sept. 1, 7:30 p.m., 2011


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