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Oink-Worthy Odes

Can a hog’s breath possibly produce a pleasant sound? It can in Key West, from today through May 6, when the famous saloon plays host to the twelfth annual Hog’s Breath Key West Songwriter’s Festival.

A songwriting festival? Isn’t that sort of like a celebration of the faceless, a nod to the men and women behind the men and women? God bless the Keys for finding another way to acknowledge the muse by tickling her with margaritas. If you’re thinking about going, expect to encounter a lot of country music types singing and discussing their music in a variety of intimate settings, including special sunset performances on the Fury Catamarans. This original event promises a lot of soul-bending, gut-wrenching, good-old-boy lyricism laced over acoustic guitars.
Wed., May 2


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