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Oh What a Night

In a city where the clubs close in the wee hours and then the party moves to the hot new after-hours spot, it’s no wonder the revelers in South Beach are so familiar with the kind of stimulants they need to stay up all night. Energy drinks, people -- we’re talking about energy drinks. You’ll need to stock up on extra Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster today -- and throw in a couple of cafecitos for good measure. Miami Beach will be transformed into a glorious haven of culture complete with art, dance, parades, and live music. So set those clocks back and get ready to binge on 13 hours of nonstop culture. It’s gonna be a Sleepless Night, baby!

There’ll be exciting stuff happening in practically every neighborhood on the Beach, beginning at 5:00 p.m. and ending at 6:00 a.m. In North Beach, the South Florida Jazz Orchestra will be performing at the band shell. At the Normandy Fountain, the Dance Now! Ensemble will be joyfully pirouetting. And at the Byron Carlyle Theater, there will be a performance by Teatro en Miami and a double feature of classic Mexican horror flicks. In Collins Park, there’s a screening of Charlie Chaplin shorts, Pablo Cano’s Musical Marionettes, and the world premiere of Animate Objects Physical Theater’s gravity-defying performance at 10:00 p.m. There’ll be live classical music at the public library, Seraphic Fire at the Miami Beach Community Church, a muy caliente musical showcase presented by Rudy Perez at the Euclid Oval from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m.. Seriously, just about every destination on the Beach will be offering something -- an open house party with live music at the Fillmore, a multimedia art extravaganza at the Botanical Garden, performance after performance at the Colony, cutting-edge theater on Española Way. And you can find us at 9:30 on 21st Street, taking a gander at Spiegelstage’s Absinthe, the acrobatic/burlesque/variety show in which gloriously seductive dudes and dudettes will amaze your eyes and arouse your senses. With these many cool happenings and locations, we definitely recommend you start planning your schedule early. Visit for a complete lineup.
Sat., Nov. 3, 2007


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