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Despite its title, “The Land That Time Forgot,” Juana Valdes’s solo show, opening tonight at 6:00 at Diaspora Vibe Gallery, is not a sendup of the cheesy sci-fi movie you might expect. You won’t find images of a German U-boat blasting roaming dinosaurs on a tropical island or scantily clad natives gallivanting around here. The artist has transported the gallery into a magical landscape, and one of the elements of her eye-catching installation includes a floor-to-ceiling dress titled Farewell to the Sea. The delicate white gown looks like a net and bristles with treble hooks, its hem weighted down with lead.

Valdes’s work balances a combination of atmospheric storytelling, insistent feminist inquiry, and an ongoing interest in the role commercial and mass-produced imagery plays. “My identity and artwork combine my Cuban upbringing with its African traditions, its historical colonization, and the experience of growing up in the United States,” Valdes explains. The exhibit runs through November 20. Call 305-573-4046, or visit
Sat., Oct. 14; Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Oct. 14. Continues through Nov. 20


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