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Even the most obtuse dance hall crasher has at least heard of Paul Oakenfold. The shaggy-haired DJ superstar has been twiddling knobs and remixing tracks for the better part of twenty years. He’s basically responsible for the infamous appeal of the club scene in Ibiza. He’s produced remixes for everyone from U2 to Madonna to Snoop Dogg to The Doors. He’s gotten deep into film scoring, and counts sonic contributions to The Matrix Reloaded and Collateral among his finest work. Despite all of this success, Oakenfold remains surprisingly modest and friendly. He even confesses that he’s a bit nervous about his upcoming appearance in Miami at the Bacardi B-Live event.

“It’s an enormous amount of work to collaborate with the [Florida Grand Symphony] Orchestra. I’m well excited about it, but in some respects a little bit nervous. ’Cause I could fuck it all up,” he says, laughing. Oakenfold’s performance promises to give audiences something fresh from the world of progressive house music, and the other musicians on the B-Live bill should keep things equally interesting. Camp Freddy, a supergroup featuring the likes of Dave Navarro, Scott Weiland, Matt Sorum, and Slash will rock out, and DJ AM and tattooed drummer Travis Barker will collaborate and demonstrate why the ladies love them. Seriously, we’re wondering. The event is by invitation only, and tickets are available by registering at
Sat., March 17, 5:30 p.m.


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