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Nude Looks Like a Lady

You can take the lawyer out of law school, but you can’t take law school out of the lawyer. Attorney-turned-artist Ellen Harvey puts art cliché on trial. She infamously took the idea of landscapes to task when she painted oil pastorals among NYC’s graffiti tags and concrete pylons. Next she cross-examined portraits when she asked the public to sit for her renderings in exchange for their criticism of them. Her latest art debrief, “The Nudist Museum,” unfolds at the Bass, where she has re-created every nude in the museum’s permanent collection to highlight the “impoverishment of our relationships to our naked selves.” Expect zoomed-in interpretations of fleshy, Rubensesque bodies that spill over worn, secondhand frames. As a contrast, contemporary sexualized nudes from today’s media will paper the wall behind the paintings. Nudity gets the third degree when the exhibit runs through November 7.
Oct. 2-Nov. 7, 12-5 p.m., 2010


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