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Not so Nice

If there’s anything to be learned from Comedy Central Roast specials, it’s that celebrities are easy targets — and that Lisa Lampanelli is a very, very mean lady. Her hard-hitting humor stabs so deep that it doesn’t elicit laughter, just wide-mouthed gasps. Lampanelli has so perfected her craft that she’s earned the nickname “the Queen of Mean.” She’s torn down the likes of William Shatner’s toupee and Larry the Cable Guy’s hairy shoulders. This Friday, Lampanelli will take the stage at the Fillmore Miami Beach (1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) to expand the reach of her signature devilish joke ray beyond America’s second-rate celebrities. Expect zingers about gays, blacks, Jews, and whatever other portion of the population, majority or minority, she decides is a suitable target. Thankfully, Lampanelli isn’t completely one-sided, and her stand-up has many moments of brilliant insight. Then again, no one goes to a football game to listen to the National Anthem.
Fri., Nov. 9, 8 p.m., 2012


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