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Not Quite Mirror Images

For those who have agonized in front of a mirror, wondering whether your ass was too fat to shake on South Beach, “The Model at Hand” should inspire you to get that rump rolling without shame. Busting out tonight at 7:00 at ArtCenter/South Florida, the exhibit features work by resident artists and alums who experiment with notions of the self.

The show seeks to convey how at some point in their careers artists explore themselves as the physical source of inspiration in their work. Agustina Woodgate weighs in with a seventeen-foot chain of her own hair, while curator David Almeida’s self-portraits capture the artist stuck in doorways in a photographic blur. Sexual tension, gender ambiguity, and the myth of male prowess are some of the themes Gustavo Roman mines. In his Girlyman series, the artist mocks machismo by depicting a fleshy-lipped mook wearing his flowing mustache in braids. Just thinking about it makes us crazy.
Feb. 8-18


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