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No Zombies Allowed

The décor at Jude Papaloko’s Jakmel Art Gallery reflects his diverse interests and talents. The walls fairly glow with colorful, female-centric art. The gallery opens to an enormous, vibrant warehouse that houses a sturdy stage for dance classes; a platform where his band, Loray Mistik, can perform; and a DJ booth. The walls are bedecked with sacred images, as is befitting the establishment of a vodou priest. Long blue snakes wend down one wall, and a painted pillar represents a connection between Earth and the cosmos. A golden sun shines over the band’s stage -- “the sun of justice,” Papaloko explains.

Tonight he will participate in Bwakayiman 2006, a celebration of the first vodou ceremony by island slaves and a tribute to Haitian musician and activist Sanba Zao. Gawkers shouldn’t come expecting to find possessed people drinking rooster blood from a calabash. Like his gallery, Papaloko’s beliefs are bright and inspiring. “The last time I performed a ceremony, people left in disappointment because they came to see Hollywood. They were waiting for the animal sacrifice,” he says with a laugh. Dance to Loray Mistik, Rara Rock, and DJ Kiki tonight at 9:00. Come dressed in white to Jakmel Art Gallery. Admission is ten dollars. Call 786-312-5947, or visit
Sat., Aug. 26


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