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No Smoking Jacket Required

If you want to go to a cigar bar without smelling like you went to one, try Cigar Bar 31, which sits on the terrace outside Area 31, high above Miami on the 16th floor of the Epic Hotel. Sure, you’ve grown accustomed to puffing on stogies in a dank, dark room with a cloud of smoke hanging above you, but guess what? The head rush is the same if you puff-puff (no pass) under the stars. So let a cigar roller create a stogy for you, or choose one yourself from the fully stocked humidor, and then challenge friends (or foes) to an unfriendly game of dominoes. A snifter of scotch will up the intensity of the game, and a toot on your cigar will have you wanting to set them up in the shape of an X, only to knock them down with your pinky toe. Puff at your own risk.
Sat., May 23, 9 p.m., 2009


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