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No Shit!

They can be wooden or plastic. Or maybe you prefer one of the fancy Lucite varieties embedded with playful bubbles, delicate seashells, or shiny pennies. Once your artistic streak rears its head, you can get funky with a brush and hot glue to create your own throne fit for a king. Now rip that seat off of the bowl and enter it in the third annual Toilet Seat Painting Competition sponsored by the Homestead Art Club’s Studio 100 Art Gallery.

“The ones this year are the craziest I’ve seen,” laughs studio volunteer Barbara Millenbruch. Toilet seats must be delivered to the studio between noon and 6:00 p.m. today or Saturday, January 7, and an entry form must be completed upon delivery for each seat entered. The fee is ten dollars per seat. Prizes for Best of Show, Most Humorous, Least Functional, and more will be awarded January 21 at the Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce’s Chili Cookoff & Outhouse Race.
Fri., Jan. 6; Sat., Jan. 7


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