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No One Can Ape Their Style

This Saturday at precisely 9 p.m., a troop of pissed-off papio ursinus — those animals commonly known by the name “baboon” — will be set free to run amok on the streets of South Beach. Why? For your entertainment, of course. And upping the fun, the normally ferocious, red-assed beasts will be loaded with psychedelic drugs and armed with axes. So, come for the laughs, the screams, and the inevitable chaos — but, um, be ready to run.

Just joking! In reality, the Baboons invading the Beach will be a generally friendly group of humans. And rather than real-deal murdering axes, they’ll wield the music-making kind that go twang. That’s right — these baboons aren’t dog-faced primates with two-inch fangs and terrible attitudes. They’re just a local Afro-Cuban blues band that will hit the Van Dyke Café for some trippy tribal noise with flourishes of surf rock, psychedelia, and world beat. Still, um, be ready to run, ’cause you never know. The show is free.
Sat., Oct. 10, 9 p.m., 2009


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