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No Need to Get Wet

Erik DeLuca wants to seduce you into taking a sensory skinny-dip with him. The interdisciplinary artist and composer has spent months off the coast of Miami using scientific mikes called hydrophones to create a reenactment of the azure waters sensuously lapping at our shores. Tonight at 8:00 at the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Art Center Concert Hall at FIU DeLuca is unleashing his oceanic symphony “The Deep Seascape: the Sonic Sea” featuring a two-tier, 8-speaker surround sound system that will turn the venue into a dreamy aural pool.

His performance will be enhanced by visual artist Izlia Fernandez, poet Clark Lundberry, animator Venessa Monokian and Florida International University music students who are collaborating with the raw materials of nature to transport viewers into the mysterious realms of the inky depths. Soak up the exhilarating sounds of shrimp, fish, crabs, dolphins, cruise ships, manatees and even the rain as they splash across you in relentless, electronic waves. Admission is free.
Sat., March 21, 2009


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