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No More Pudding Pops?

In the Eighties, Bill Cosby was America’s dad, known and loved as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. It was big, groundbreaking television that culled enormous viewing audiences of all races and proved that too many kids tearing around the house can be adorably annoying regardless of ethnicity. Besides starring in his popular weekly sitcom, the Cos penned a best-selling book, Fatherhood; became an oft-lampooned shill for Jell-O; and created the spinoff sitcom A Different World.

Now it’s a different generation. In recent years, Cosby has been touring the nation and making the media rounds as a provoker of change for urban communities. His latest book, Come On People, is a tirade against what he sees as the shortcomings of the younger generation of African-Americans, phrased in terms only America’s dad would use. We’ve seen quite a bit of the pissed-off Bill Cosby recently, but tonight at Hard Rock Live, it’ll be all about mugging for the audience, joking about marriage, and laughing about kids saying the darndest things.
Sun., Jan. 20, 2008


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