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No Canned Laughter

If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to us. We love to rank on unsuspecting passersby, chopping them to hilarious pieces with a slice of our silver tongue. Our mother used to slap our hand whenever we would indulge in naughty jokery, but no one can stop us as consenting adults. Well, maybe someone could — perhaps a comedian with a tongue slipperier than ours and not keen on innocent heckling. While the South Beach Comedy Festival is in town this Wednesday through January 24, we’ll leave the one-liners to the pros and hop from the Colony Theatre (555 17th St., Miami Beach) to the Fillmore (1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) to the Lincoln Theatre (541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) to catch the action.

Sponsored by Comedy Central, basic cable’s answer to corny sitcoms, the annual event is bound to satiate your giggle quotient for the year. The festival kicks off with legendary stoner dudes Cheech and Chong hitting the Fillmore stage in a blaze of smoke this Wednesday at 8 p.m., and self-proclaimed “Long Island Iced Latina” Marga Gomez will have folks at the Colony rolling in the aisles at 7:30. Tickets for both shows start at $20 and can be purchased at
Wed., Jan. 21, 2009


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