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Nighttime Delight

Ladies, it's a new year, but don't let that minor detail prevent you from indulging old habits, especially the bad ones. Just because you've aged another 365 days doesn't mean it's time to undertake some kind of radical self-improvement plan. You're perfect already. So when that familiar hunger for some after-dinner beefcake starts knocking at your lady parts, don't deny — satisfy.

This Saturday at 9 p.m., take your craving to Cameo when One Night Stand, a weekly soft-core male strip show, overruns the superclub. Starring the CEOs of Sex — AKA a bunch of oiled-up, overtanned South Beach studs — this dude revue is being billed as "Miami's hottest girls' night out." And besides nudity, there will also be dirty party games such as the Fake Orgasm Contest and Fireman Lap Dance. Plus expect something called Put a Ring on It, of which the CEOs say, "We're not talking about a ring on a finger!" Hmm, so maybe things will get hard-core. Tickets cost $20.
Saturdays, 9 p.m., 2010


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