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Night Visions

When researchers from the League of Paranormal Investigators set up cameras to document ghosts at the Deering Estate at Cutler, they captured an image of a man watching them from behind the boat basin. They also saw a woman dressed in Victorian clothing floating above the bay. So keep an eye out this Monday night as you embark on the Moonlight Canoe Tour, which launches from this historic and perhaps haunted site. Under the glow of a full moon, you’ll glide over sea grass and around manatees to nearby Chicken Key, a seven-acre mangrove island.

Wait, was that phosphorescence in the waves? Or moonlight glare off a white bonefish? Or maybe it was a ticked-off spirit who can’t move on to the afterlife because his murder was never solved? Relax. It was just the gleam off a floating can of Bud, so there’s no reason to be spooked when the tour stops to toast s’mores over a campfire on the dark and isolated Chicken Key.
Mon., July 26, 7 p.m., 2010


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