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Night of the Living Toys

If you were a slightly disturbed child with a hyperactive imagination, you've had that nightmare about a toy chest full of suddenly evil playthings that rise under a full moon at midnight on Friday the 13th to play with (read: murder) their owner (read: you).

Now you're an adult and you think those bad dreams were just a cleansing of childhood anxieties. Well, you're wrong. This Monday, the toys will come alive at the Miami Science Museum when Cabaret Mechanical Theater winds up its cavalcade of terror.

Through September 6, the museum claims it's all about "a collection of over 40 mechanical sculptures, called automata... brought to life by tiny cranks, pulleys, and gears." Sure, sounds cute, but our nightmares tell a drastically different story.
Feb. 15-Sept. 6, 2010


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